Vacature voor freelance SEO-tekstschrijver of blogger

Bij het platformbedrijf Copyvilla werken we met zorgvuldig geselecteerde freelance copywriters. Wij staan altijd open voor goede copywriters / tekstschrijvers die ruimte hebben voor extra opdrachten. Daarnaast werkt Copyvilla ook met schrijftrainers, taaltrainers en blogtrainers, omdat we vanaf 2020 cursussen aanbieden.

Wil jij meer werk, ander werk of betere klanten? Meld je aan!

What can we offer you as a copywriter or trainer?

The most common tasks are:

Webteksten en blogs schrijven voor met name middelgrote MKB-bedrijven.

Journalistieke artikelen schrijven.

SEO-teksten schrijven

Overige taken voor een tekstschrijver, zoals het schrijven van een speech, persbericht, brief, folder of jaarverslag.

You choose whether or not to accept an assignment. Sometimes there are assignments that we complete successfully with a large group of freelancers.

Conditions for the freelance copywriter or trainer:

  • You are registered with the Chamber of Commerce as a freelancer. We do not offer salaried positions.
  • You have relevant experience in writing offline and preferably online content.
  • You write flawlessly, fluently, creatively, stylistically perfect and the sentences slide in like a bowl of custard.
  • Course? Our freelancers are usually university educated, but we find ‘being able to’ more important than ‘knowing’.
  • You have knowledge about SEO. You keep up with developments in online marketing, preferably through training, courses or further education.
  • You are accurate, stress-resistant and meet deadlines.

Wishes when choosing a freelance copywriter or trainer:

In addition to requirements, we also have a wish list.

  • In addition to data-driven SEO, good online copy is also human work. That is why Copyvilla has a preference for writers over forty. This category often has more life and writing experience, good customer empathy and better general development.
  • In addition, Copyvilla has a preference for people with a background in written journalism. They can often write in an audience-oriented way like no other.
  • It is great if you are an all-round copywriter, we prefer to have specialists in areas such as chemistry, legal, technology or finance.

What do we offer you for your texts?

We only want to work with top-quality copywriters and clients. At Copyvilla we do not work with those Bangladeshi rates of less than a penny per word. We work exclusively with customers who demand, expect and receive quality.

After all, discounters attract discounters, toppers attract toppers. Discover your mutual inner Ajax together with the customer! All textual Frenkies (M/F) who recognize themselves in our profile can shoot the ball in here .

Internship at Copyvilla for your MBO or HBO communication, journalism or marketing course?

We do not provide internships. Because everyone on our platform is a freelancer, we do not meet the standard for a company to have at least ten employees.

Als je een goede SEO-tekst wilt hebben, is Bastiaan de persoon om te vragen.

Vincent Overvelde

Uitstekende persberichten, webteksten en nuttige social media tips. Perfect gedoseerd maatwerk.

Erik Bruggeling

Babette Olde Hanhof